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Decorating with Tropical Paper Mache

Our Paper Mache (or Papier Maché) wall decorations are made with recycled cement bags and natural starch glue. The  paper mache sculptures shown in our site are part of the cultural heritage of Haiti. One of our towns, Jacmel in the south of the island, is littered with small shops of Artisans working this marvelous art. The light weight of this medium makes it ideal for decorating children's rooms. And the bright colors makes our paper mache wall decorations even more so!

Geckos Wall Decorations in Papier Mache

Be it from Hawaii or from Haiti our colorful wall decor geckos, when hanging on a wall, are guaranteed to bring good luck to your home - or at least some fun!

Papermache Wall Decoration - Gecko
Papier Mache Wall Decoration - Gecko
Paper Mache Wall Decoration - Gecko

Tropical Papier Mache Wall Hanging Sculptures

Small Hand-painted Paper Mache Wall HangingsSMALL PAPER MACHE WALL DECOR

These charming Papier Mache wall hangings are perfect for decorating any little one’s room with enchanting tropical scenes. From the funny fish to the tropical sun they will brighten up the room with fun and excitement.

Medium Hand-painted Paper Mache Wall DecorMEDIUM WALL DECORATIONS PAPER MACHE

Brilliant color and design illuminate from these awesome wall hangings which will proudly adorn any wall in your home. Whether you prefer the whimsical or the artistic, you will absolutely love these unique sculptures.

Large Paper Mache Wall DecorationsLARGE WALL HANGINGS IN PAPER MACHE

These fun loving Tropical Papier Mache wall hangings will bring joy and excitement to any room in your home. Any guest in your home will comment on the unique style and vivid colors of your new décor.


Bring a touch of the tropic to your home with these unique and impressive Papier Mache wall hangings. They are just the perfect size for that barren wall to complement and beautify any room you choose.

These lightweight, paper mache wall decorations are the perfect centerpiece when decorating kids rooms or arranging your nursery decor. Made from recycled and natural materials.


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