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Refrigerator Magnets from the Tropics

Caribbean Colored Magnets for Your Fridge

Paper Mache Refrigerator Magnets Refrigerator magnets are one of those decorative toys that everyone loves. Children do because they are intriguing and magical, yet easy to master. Parents love them because they can use magnets to decorate the fridge door and at the same time hold notes and messages. Our collection of magnets in papier-mâché or wood, with their bright colors and Caribbean themes will do more than that : they will bring some holiday dreams in your kitchen.

Metal  Refrigerator Magnets

Small B Geckos  Metal Magnets

These small B Gecko metal magnets are sure to liven up your kitchen as they adorn your refrigerator. The vivid and brilliant colors will bring color and fun to your white refrigerator while you have fun decorating.

Small Refrigerator Magnets in Metal
Small Metal Magnets

These very unique and creative small metal magnets will not only decorate your refrigerator but can be placed throughout your home to add a pleasing Caribbean touch any place a magnet can be stuck.

Paper Mache Refrigerator Magnets

Small Magnets
Refrigerator Magnet in Paper Mache

Paper Mache small magnets have a way of saying “Hey, look at me!” and everyone will with the beautiful colors and details of these magnets. Everyone will notice a note on the refrigerator when you put one of these adorable magnets to hold the note in place

Large Magnets
Large Magnets

From a bus to an elephant these cute large magnets will keep your little one entertained decorating your refrigerator while you prepare dinner. Not only will they entertain your little one but will also liven up your kitchen with their brilliant colors.

Extra Large Paper Mache Refrigerator Magnets

Paper Mache Magnets

These extra large paper Mache refrigerator magnets created in the design of cute geckos are very colorful and creative. The best thing is that they can go on your very own refrigerator! They are great for hanging up a picture that your child made for you or maybe something important that you need to remember, either way they are handy and beautiful.


Refrigerator Magnets in Wood

Wood-Fridge-Magnets-Small - GuittarSmall Magnets

(the same designs are used for our Key Chains)

Fridge MagnetsLarge Magnets



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