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Medium Metal Wall Hangings

Skillfully hand cut from Recycled 55 gallon steel drums with a hammer and a chisel, then meticulously hand painted into a most decorative piece of artwork. Our Wall Hangings in Metal are great for your home or office or a special gift.

Tropical Wall Decorations

Sea Animals Medium Wall Hangings

Tropical Decor Fish

Tropical Fish

Wall Hangings Lobsters

Lobsters Wall Decor

Wall Decoration Medium - Whimsical Seahorse

Whimsical Seahorses

Wall Decoration  -  Funky Octopus

Funky Octopus

Wall Decor Funny Fish
Funny Fish
Metal Mermaids

Caribbean Mermaids

Turtles Metal Wallhanging

Colorful Turtles

Wall Decoration  - Colorful Sea Shell

Colorful Shells

Wall Hangings Sea Crabs

Sea Crabs

Other Medium Wall Hangings Themes

Wall Hangings Colorful Parrots

Colorful Parrots

Wall Decoration - Canari Coconut Tree

Tropical Trees

Wall Hangings Elegant Dragonflies

Elegant Dragonflies

Wall Decoration  -  Funky Butterflies

Funky Butterflies

Wall Decoration Medium - Colorful Spider

Colorful Spiders

Colorful Frogs

Colorful Frogs

Wall Hangings Funky Snails

Funky Snails

Wall Decoration  -  Cicada
Miscellaneous Insects
Wall Decoration Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Wall Hangings


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