Haitian Drum Art

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Metal Sculptures from Haiti.

Candle Holders Art in Haitian Iron Work
Candle Holders

Christmas Theme

Folkloric Scenes



 Mirror Frames(mirror not included)

Haitian Oild Drum Art Animals
Miscellaneous Animals

Painted Drum Art

Metal Picture Frames Haitian Oil Drum Art
Picture Frames

Haitian Steel Drum Sculptures : Religious Themes

Screens and Room Dividers in Haitian Oil Drum Art
Drum Art Screens

Sea Creatures


Trees of Life Haitian Oil Drum Art
Trees Of Life

il Drum Art from Haiti  Palm Trees and Coconut Trees
Tropical Trees

Voodoo Art

Zodiac Signs Steel Drum Sculptres
Zodiac Signs

Artickles cannot guarantee that the colors shown in these pictures will be the ones you will receive. Do not base your choice of these folk art on color schemes : on the one hand the chemical reactions that give these sculptures their colors vary from metal to metal, and on the other hand the colors can vary from computer monitor to computer monitor.

The metal wall folk art shown in this site is made from used oil drums which are burnt, opened and flattened. The artist then sketches the designs onto them and cuts out his designs with a hammer and chisel. The characteristics of haitian art metal sculptures include areas that are concave or convex to create depth; intricate patterns created by hammering in "bumps" of different heights to create texture and  lines chiseled in to define characteristics of the object (e.g.: folds in clothing, veins on a leaf),  The sculpture is usually finished with a clear sealer or in a brownish hue, and sometimes painted in brilliant colors (see our Painted Drum Art Category : Painted Drum Art).

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